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The Touchmark Shop first opened in St. Mary’s, incorporated in 1978 and has been located at 137 Ontario Street downtown Stratford since 1983.

The Touchmark Shop: what’s in the name?

The company’s history goes back many years when the original owners opened this location In Stratford as a retail outlet for their pewter ware made in their workshop in St. Marys. An artist’s signature on pewter is called a touchmark. Therefore, the original name of the store was ”The Touchmark Pewter Shop”. Over the years as the merchandise changed the name was changed to just ” The Touchmark Shop”, as we now sell very little pewter and have changed the focus to clothing and jewellery.

Born and raised in Stratford, Diane Gloor,

The Touchmark Shop owner, started working at the store in 1986 as a summer student while attending St. Lawrence College. In 1988 she graduated with honours in the Fashion Merchandising program and was promoted to Store Manager at the Touchmark Shop. Diane continued in this capacity learning everything about the business hands-on until the original owners decided to retire and she bought the business in 2002. Diane considers Stratford to be the perfect setting to do business: “After 24 years in retail with this organization I cannot imagine a more rewarding career. It is a different experience every day and I have met many wonderful people over the years and formed friendships with customers and suppliers.”


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